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03 September 2009 @ 08:13 pm
Fools Like Me  
Title: Fools Like Me
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Characters: Kreia (aka Darth Traya & Arren Kae)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,736 (not counting prompts)
Summary: Fifty sentences using prompts from 1character

#01 - Blend
A shopkeeper greeted her as if she were any other settler, and she inhaled deeply, the power of invisibility even headier than the hot scent of his freshly-baked pastries.

#02 - Stain
The robes were another part of her disguise; the snowy white hid any trace of the blood stains she couldn't wash out of her soul.

#03 - Island
Jolee was handsome, mischievous, and charming; but his attempts to flirt with her ended abruptly when she snapped that anyone she called friend ended up dead or worse.

#04 - Apple
Of course there was no real reason to meet the creature destined to become the Lord of Hunger, save her own reckless curiosity; she burst into laughter at the sight of the Zabrak giddily rushing about the kitchen, baking pies.

#05 - Paper
Anyone curious about the Jedi Arren Kae could find the necessary records in the library; and anyone who happened to notice certain details missing would soon go about their own business, with the vague feeling they'd forgotten something.

#06 - Relax
In a split second their positions had switched and the knife was at his throat, yet he simply watched her, his eyes calm and knowing as the trembling blade drew a thin line of blood; she let the knife clatter to the floor - Yusanis had won.

#07 - Leaves
Bitter surprise struck her as she took in the changes - the texture of the bark beneath her fingers, the difference between the smells of blooming life and rotting old wood - and realized that the once powerful constant was as flimsy as the Order that planted it.

#08 - Proof
Arren had her own agenda, and never told the whole truth--Revan had accepted these traits long ago--but there had always been that smallest doubt that not even he knew who she really was, a doubt finally proven by the presence of the mutilated Sith who called her Kreia.

#09 - Ugly
He was the only person who dared to point out the negative effects the power had wreaked on her appearance; the irony was astounding.

#10 - Book
The little blond boy had seemed even more intimidated by her than the other children, but after class she caught him with a stack of dusty historical texts; he smiled shyly when she complimented his choice of reading material.

#11 - Brood
In a rare moment of hotheadedness, Arren threatened to trade padawans with Master Vrook if she had to listen to another minute of whiny teenage angst; Revan quickly switched to silent brooding instead.

#12 - Mesh
It was less of a hatred of the idea of Atton and the Exile being together, and more of a desperate desire to avoid the second hand experience of them being together.

#13 - Soft
Hot tears slipped from her cheeks and into the snow-white hair of the baby cradled to her chest, and for those few hours she wished the rest of the galaxy would burn.

#14 - Shelf
Arren shoved the box of relics under the bed and tried to calm her nerves as she went to open the door; it was Atris, with an oddly triumphant gleam in her eyes as she said, "Master Kae, the Council requests an audience with you immediately."

#15 - Alone
Eventually one of them would betray the other, for such was her nature, but for now she let herself love Yusanis, if only for the temporary illusion that she wasn't alone.

#16 - Fall
He insisted the darkness she felt was her own, but she refused to believe it until she saw her own emerald blade protruding from his body.

#17 - Knot
The Exile offered to help with the now-herculean task of brushing her hair; catching Traya off guard and allowing Kreia a moment of vulnerability.

#18 - Crowd
She angrily shoved her way through the crowd that was gathering, and ran into an empty alleyway where she could cry in solitude, not knowing why she was grieving someone she barely knew but unable to stop.

#19 - Denial
There was a split second in which Kreia wanted to scream, to kill, to shove the truth back under his ridiculous card game; but Traya laughed, because Traya had already known.

#20 - Train
Revan was forever begging her to teach him to see the future, and she was forever telling him that it wasn't something you could train for--you simply knew it or you didn't.

#21 - Fur
"I think it was the will of the Force," she said, trying to comfort her grieving friend, but her words only made the older girl yell and slam the door in her face.

#22 - Chrome
"Kreia, talk to me," the Exile pleaded, but she stared unseeing at the metal walls of the ship, stunned that the one person she loved most in the galaxy could betray her so utterly.

#23 - Heart
Some nights when her wound kept her awake, she stalked silently through the ship, listening to whispers that could only be heard when the walls around hearts and minds dissolved in sleep.

#24 - Intention
"My dear apprentice, you disappoint me - do you not understand I have always known you would betray me; that I have waited, planned, longed for this day since before you were born?"

#25 - Push
...crack of bones, angry gasp, hollow laugh, wordless scream, silent whispers, pushed him too far...

#26 - Look
Malachor V was chaos, it was stone and blood, and the broken bodies of Jedi who had been her not-quite friends; she finally pulled the dark energy to herself as she burned the sight from her eyes.

#27 - Weight
Dead, dead, dead(one for each of us), and Sion's outlived his usefulness(punish him), but destiny demands the Exile end it(you are weak).

#28 - Spider
The boy stared in horror, and she held back tears as she twisted the web of forgetfulness in his mind, finally understanding why they would always hate each other.

#29 - Robe
She found the girl with the robes clutched to her chest, tears marking the pure fabric; it shook Kreia to her core when she whispered, "My father loved Arren Kae to his dying breath."

#30 - Umbrella
She hated this wretched planet, home of too many corpses and di'kute; the Exile brought her painkillers and extra blankets, believing her foul mood to be the result of cold rains and an old woman's bones; a naive gesture, but still, Kreia was slightly less disagreeable after that.

#31 - Surface
On the surface Kreia was one very cynical old woman; beneath that lived a cruel, lying witch; and still beneath that was a bitter and broken Jedi...and beneath that not even Kreia herself could say.

#32 - Idea
"Sometimes I wish I could read your mind," Yusanis sighed, and Arren laughed ruefully, "Be glad you cannot."

#33 - Diamond
Kreia tried to tell the Exile that she had no wish for a weapon with so much emotion attached to it, a vibroblade worked just as well, and no, of course she had no color preference; but when the familiar object was placed in her hand a smile crept unbidden onto her lips.

#34 - Blind
Although the Force remained silent, she could almost make out the metal curves of the droid through her useless eyes, and knew she had finally found the Exile.

#35 - Flow
She let her frustration and impatience wash away like leaves in a current; with the Force as her guide she was assured that she would, eventually, find what she was looking for.

#36 - Movement
"The matter was settled in unanimous, and unspoken, agreement, and the task fell to me to rewrite history,  to eradicate any trace of the woman who, under the watchful eyes of the Jedi Council, had somehow become a powerful Sith Lord without their notice."

#37 - More
"Padawan," he finally said in exasperation, "it's not that I want to hide the mysteries of the universe from you, it's just that I don't know, and no matter how many times you ask, the knowledge will not be magically imparted to me; so please, sit still and think about something else for a while."

#38 - Honey
She let them place the bowl in her hands, but pulled away when they tried to guide it to her lips; the liquid was sweet and soothing, but her stomach rejected it, as she continued to reject the kindness of her rescuers.

#39 - Weather
The Dantooine summer felt oppressive after the chill of the Echani homeworld; it wasn't until she caught herself humming a silly children's song that she realized it wasn't the change of weather that was making her sick.

#40 - Blue
"I'm sorry," he murmured, blue eyes downcast; they were both equally astonished when she ran to embrace him.

#41 - Double
In the chamber where their faces were colored by shadows and the red glow of forbidden holocrons, Kreia named the woman Traya, and a scream of Sith laughter echoed from above.

#42 - Braid
"It's too tight," she said, and when the Jedi had loosened and re-braided her hair, "It's not tight enough," and was left in bewilderment as the woman threw her hands in the air and stormed off, leaving Kreia with no choice but to tie up her own hair in uneven pigtails.

#43 - Thread
She felt a twinge of regret as she placed the carefully folded robes in the footlocker, not quite ready to let go of Arren Kae, but knowing full well, as she straightened the new red and black robes, that the decision had been made for her a long time ago.

#44 - Angles
Too late, I'm too late, she thought as the one person she trusted brought his blade to the young Jedi's chest, and Arren fell to her knees as she felt invisible flames engulfing her own heart.

#45 - Daydream
Finally she left him to his childish ideas of good and evil, too disgusted to keep trying to make him understand who she was.

#46 - Nightmare
She listened to him tossing and moaning in his sleep, and came dangerously close to pitying the fool; quickly she reminded herself that only half of the images imbedded in his subconscious were the Exile's doing.

#47 - Honor
Despite the other woman's righteous cause, despite the obvious advantage she had in battle, despite the lifetime spent convincing herself she was not the villain, Arren Kae felt a rush of cold, sweet victory as she whispered to her fallen rival, "He chose me."

#48 - Palm
As she stumbled down another corridor, senses blinded by pain, Kreia made a desperate request to the Force, promising that if she was spared she would fulfill whatever duty the universe had in store for her.

#49 - Screen
She criticized him for his obsession with the datapad he had found amongst the rubble with the General's picture on it; in truth she was angry because she couldn't see it herself.

#50 - Warmth
"The Jedi betrayed you once; they won't hesitate to do it again," Sion warned, but she shook her head stubbornly and said, "As long as she's out there, there's still hope."

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digthenym: GIZKAdigthenym on January 15th, 2011 10:03 pm (UTC)
Stumbled across this through jedi_news and I have to say this is an amazing collection of sentences <3333 awesome work, Kreia's a hard character and you have her down perfectly!
flaky_artist: SW trilogyflaky_artist on January 18th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much! She's a lot of fun to write. I'm glad you liked it. :)
Kryptocow: Rosekryptocow on December 19th, 2011 10:42 am (UTC)
Oh wow, so good. Kreia is such an interesting character.